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Dulcelin Gourmet + Hogs Haven Smokehouse

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Dulcelin Gourmet Specialties

Mango Torte
The definitive house specialty – Crispy-chewy nougatine, golden mangoes and cream
9 inch for P850
12 inch for P1,250

Light and fluffy made with pure butter.  Topped with imported Queso de Bola.
Half Dozen for P400
One Dozen for P800
Food for the Gods
Moist combination of Dates and Walnuts
10 pcs per box P260
Irish Cream Butter Cake
Buttery Sponge Cake with Bailey's Irish Cream with chocolate chips and walnuts
6 inch loaf P600
8 inch bundt P800

Irish Cream Flan Cake

Our Irish Cream Buter Cake combined with a pure cream flan. A truly unique combination. Best served slightly warm. 8 inch bundt.  P1,300

Caramel Pecan Walnut Pie
Pecan and Walnut Covered caramel custard in a flaky butter crust
8 inch P850
Strawberry Cake
Chiffon cake covered with bountiful strawberries and freshly whipped cream
10 inch P1,300
6 inch P700
Fresh Strawberry Cake
Chiffon cake covered with bountiful fresh strawberries and freshly whipped cream
10 inch P1,700
------------Available with 2 hours advance notice--------------
Chocolate Decadent Cake with Caramel Sauce
Voted one of the ten best chocolate cakes by Baking Press Magazine
9 inch P800
6 inch P420
Callebaut Chocolate Ganache Cake
Premium Belgian Chocolate Icing, chocolate mousse center, sprinkled with almonds on top
9 inch P1,300
6 inch P650
Cacao Con Leche Cake
Chiffon and chocolate cake enrobed with Callebaut chocolate ganache, Dulce de Leche and Crispy choco pearls.
10 inch P1,400
6 inch P750
Special Fruit Cake
Very moist and bursting with imported fruits, nuts and brandy - a must for Christmas feasts.
6 inch P600
Banoffee Pie (2 days advance notice)
Banoffee with an oreo crust,chocolate ganache, dulce de leche and nutella.
9 inch P850
Ube Flan Cake (2 days advance notice)
Our chiffon cake covered in Ube cream with a creamy flan center. 10 inch P1,600
Chicken Dishes

Chicken Gallantina
Steamed, stuffed boneless chicken Eaten at room temperature.
Sliced Price: P1,200
Lola's Chicken Relleno
Baked boneless chicken stuffed with embotido mixture and Chorizo de Bilbao
Sliced Price: P1,200
Gourmet Pate
Silky, smooth & creamy with a touch of Port Wine in covered china jar
Per jar Price: P500
Beef Dishes

Authentic Spanish Recipe made with chorizo, tripe and garbanzos in a thick tomato base.
For 12 pax P1,800
For 4 pax P900
Fork tender ox tongue smothered in brown sauce, chorizo bilbao and mushroom slices
For 12 pax P2,300
American Wagyu Tri-Tip    *Limited Stocks*               
Tender and bursting with beef flavor. Served with Japanese steak sauce.
Per Kg P4,200
US Angus Beef Short Ribs with Japanese Steak Sauce
Slow cooked for 2 days, this is a superbly tender beef that is sure to please.
Per Kg P2,400
USDA Prime Grade Rib Eye
Roast Beef comes with red wine and mushroom gravy (Full 8+Kg or Half Slab 4+ Kg) Per Kg P3,900
USDA High Choice Rib Eye
Roast Beef comes with red wine and mushroom gravy( Full 8+Kg or half slab 4+Kg) Per Kg. P3,000
Kitayama Wagyu Short Ribs with Kimchi Rice
Tender Short Ribs on top of our flavor packed kimchi rice. 8-10 pax P2,500
Hanger Steak Roast
Trimmed Hanger Steak Rolled into a roast and flavored with rosemary and thyme. Comes with Bearnaise Sauce. 
US Beef Belly Roast Beef
Unbelievably delicate beef slices, with red wine and mushroom gravy
1.3KG P2,000 600g P1,000
Dulcelin Beef Bourguignon
Our take on the traditional beef stew with beef heel muscle and tendons made in a rich and silky wine sauce.
6 pax for P1,800
Pork Dishes

Cochinillo Asado
Suckling pig slow roasted to crispy perfection. Comes with liver sauce and balsamic glaze.
6Kg P6,000
Hickory Smoked Pork Belly
Smoky Pork Belly with Zesty Barbecue Sauce
1.5Kg P1,700
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Shredded Smoked Pork in Ciabatta buns with Barbecue Sauce
10 pcs P1,500

Pasta & Rice Dishes

Delectable homemade pasta , layered with meat filling and three cheeses.
10 pax P1,800
Tasty & Colorful rendition of Spanish classic with generous portions of chicken and seafood.
10 pax P1,950
Blackened Fish Fillet with Dirty Rice
A cajun specialty.Seasoned choice white fish blackened to perfection on top of a flavorful dirty rice.
8 pax P1,400
Red Rice Salad
Korean version of paella with seared tuna slices, shrimp and shredded lettuce.10 pax P1,900
Beef Stroganoff
The Russian Classic Dish-Noodles with tender beef strips and delicious creamy mushroom sauce
10 pax P1,700
Southwest Shrimp Pasta
Ancho-Chipotle chili spiced shrimp in a light tomato sauce with extra virgin olive oil
10 pax P1,800
Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese
Smoked Pork with Caramelized Onions over a penne and cheese pasta.
10 pax P1,800
Chap Chae
Savory Korean Noodles with shrimp, chicken & sauteed vegetables in lightly spiced sauce.
10 pax P850
Fresh Mushroom Pasta with Truffle Oil
Fettuccini noodles with a variety of fresh mushrooms, cream and truffle oil
10 pax P2,000
Salt Crusted Sea Bass (Apahap)                     
Salt Baked Sea Bass scented with Lemongrass and Keffir Lime Leaves. Served with a Japanese Soy and Citrus Sauce (Ponzu). P120/100grams 
Fish Dishes

Baked Norwegian Salmon
Salmon Baked to Perfection in three flavors. Aioli, Wasabi Aioli or Pesto Parmessan.
10 pax P2,000 5pax P1100
Our newest hit! 1.5kg Shrimp with our Salted egg sauce. Perfect with plain rice. 10 pax P2,000